Bellen Hack

Bellen Faces

This was a Bellen I’d tampered with for BoxBrown, back when we were still on speaking terms.  I don’t think I’ve posted it before.  Old, olde stuff.

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I go to bed wide awake, and I wake up completely tired. Whether I get 3 hours of sleep or 12, I have to drag my face through the day, from one end to the other. Anymore, it’s just a constant giant scab, and only my eyelids can really be called “skin” at this point. I feel like the pink flesh surrounded by the reds and browns of blood make me look girlish, while still craggy and atrocious… Oh, fuck, I’m miserable until about 8 p.m..

In the morning, I pick up my hammer and I go outside and find a guy and just beat the shit out of his face. I just totally ruin it. Maybe I kill the guy, maybe I don’t. People survive all kinds of things, even having the front of their heads transformed into a gurgling pudding of bone shards and eye goo. It’s not about killing them, anyway- I’m not a psychopath, I’m just tired and I don’t care, so I do this. Whatever.

When I get to the bus stop, Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday, the same naked black guy is there. Waiting. His lean muscles are all well defined, and I know that he works, he has a job in an office, and I assume he smokes blunts, and I always wonder how he is in such good shape. I have free time, too- why am I fat, then? Well, not FAT, right, I’m 5 foot 12 and weigh around 145 pounds, and my arms are big from hammering people’s faces. I eat well. Healthy well, not glutton well. I don’t get it. Sometimes, I slowly raise my gory hammer at the naked black guy, but he just crunckles his mouth all up diagonally and shakes his head, so I slip it back into my belt and we silently wait for the bus.

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Juniper’s Window

Juniper ran her finger along the rounded edges of her phone, absorbing the cool of the plastic into her being.  This sensual black plastic warmed her nethers, dampening her panties.  She began this affair about a year and a half ago, at work.  At first, she spent her breaks with the phone, but at this point, Juniper no longer cares about her job, and simply caresses the phone at her desk persistently throughout the day.

I know where Juniper works, and about 6 months ago, I started going to her office on my lunch breaks.  Juniper doesn’t know me, I just saw her one day while I was at that office- her lips slightly parted, her cheeks and bosom flushed, her finger on the phone.  Since she doesn’t know me, and because I have no business at her office, I stand outside of her window and watch her for about 35 minutes, Monday through Friday.  My lunch break is an hour long, but it takes about 10 minutes to reach the office, and 9 minutes to get back to my place that I work, as I always hit a red light en route to Juniper, and a green one on the return trip.

Since I’ve started watching her, Juniper has been spending less and less time actually working, and more and more time in some sort of sexual bliss with her phone’s plastic shell- I know this because I follow most of her co-workers on Facebook.  Many of them don’t have locked profiles.  So involved is she with her phone that I didn’t think she ever noticed me peering around her window frame in the afternoon, but today, just for a moment, her eyes flickered upward, and our gazes met.  I’m just sure of it.

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The heat of summer,
Like living in a pig’s ass-
Both with a hot wind.
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Fun is for Fags 41

FiFF 41

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Haiku x2

Blink… blink… blink, again;
Hey! No tapping on the glass!
Life in a fish bowl.

Sitting and staring,
Before and after lunchtime-
A waste of a day.

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Loop: Liquid

Our March 2012 Loop de Loop loop.

I was out of commission for a lot of the month, but managed to squeeze this out at the last minute for  Also on Newgrounds.

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Loop: Cheese Dream

Our January 2012 Loop de Loop loop.

According to, we were to ingest near lethal quantities of cheese then record our death visions as cartoons.  If you collect or just like democracy, you can view this on Newgrounds.

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Fun is for Fags SPECIAL – NEW YEARS

Fun is for Fags SPECIAL - NEW YEARS

HAPPY '056@!2222222222www

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Fun is for Fags: Nondenominational Winter Special

Fun is for Fags X-Mas Special

Nondenominational Winter Gift Giving Holiday Celebration Special

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